After experiencing Mr. Johnson live at an event, many people around the world have exclaimed, “We need you the ENTIRE year to help keep us motivated!”, “If only we could bottle you up and pour you out on our staff little by little throughout the year!”

We at Johnson Performance Systems have been listening to your testimonials and requests, and though Allan will not fit into a bottle, (haha! -that would be too creepy anyway) we have produced for you a NEXT STEP PROGRAM in your quest for organizational excellence and systemic change. This program celebrate your team’s current successes, as well as challenge growth of your weaknesses, and raise the bar on unity, productivity, and academic success.

What is it you ask?

The Star Schools Certification Program

Allan Johnson will work with your students and staff ALL YEAR LONG!!!  The STAR School Program is a 9 month mentorship in which Allan serves your team through classroom visits, student assemblies, and staff meetings.

Each month, Mr. Johnson would visit your school site for one day or multiple days (depending on your desired implementation level) to mentor, encourage and assist teachers and administrators, as well as develop school pride, and student leadership and motivation. This is a fantastic way to move your ENTIRE school to the next level! Every visit will focus upon one of the FIVE POINTS OF THE JPS STAR OF EFFECTIVE EDUCATION: PASSION, CHARACTER, SERVICE, INNOVATION, AND ESPRIT DE CORPS. Your school may customize a presentation or assembly topic if you choose. Upon completion of the selected program, your school will receive an awards ceremony recognizing and celebrating your collective efforts, as well as special recognition of all students, support staff, and certified staff. At that time, your school will be awarded a site trophy and commemorative banner, and will also be featured as a “NATIONAL SCHOOL OF CHANGE”on our website.

Please contact us for more information about The STAR School Program!  Only a few schools each year will be chosen to participate in the STAR Schools Program, so please register your school TODAY!

LEVEL ONE: (“FORWARD THINKING” Status) Site Visits, Student Assemblies, and Staff Meetings

LEVEL TWO: (“INNOVATIVE INSTRUCTION” Status) Classroom Visits, Student Assemblies, And Staff Meetings as well as In-Class Coaching with struggling teachers, One on One debriefing of Gems and Opportunities, and Classroom Observations with Evaluation Instrument

LEVEL THREE: (“SCHOOL OF CHANGE” Status) All of the above services included as well as Character Focus Lessons for each grade level, “Parents As Partners” Parenting Workshops, Principal observations using The Effective Principal Evaluation Instrument, Support Staff Observations using Support Staff Evaluation Instrument, and finally Student Intervention Breakout Sessions for struggling students in each grade level.

Participating Schools

The following schools have already been awarded and featured as “NATIONAL SCHOOLS OF CHANGE”.